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 Trevor Nuvo

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PostSubject: Trevor Nuvo   Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:31 pm

Name:Trevor Nuvo

Age:12 years old

Trainer Class:Trainer

Appearance:Trevor is about 5'7'', has a slender build and shaggy black hair. The right side of his bangs are often found stretching over his right eye, but in countering this, Trevor sticks his bangs up inside his beanie. Which brings us to Trevor's apparel. His cap is solid, dark green like his eyes. He wears a casual button down shirt, also green, and keeps his sleeves rolled up. On his left wrist, he has a black digital watch. For Trev's bottom half, his jeans are dark and worn. His sneakers are fairly brand new, being a dark black with white laces.

Personality:Trevor is very headstrong. He always speaks what's on his mind and in doing so, is maybe considered a little A**. But, he doesn't go down and get sad from insults because he is always confident and optimistic on pretty much everything. Not only is he always looking on the bright side, Trev is very much a prankster. Along with pulling pranks on friends, he is constantly telling jokes. (Although they aren't always the most...practical. Or the funniest.) But, when a serious matter is going down, Trevor stands his ground and keeps a calm head. He rarely ever loses it, even though he takes big risks, he usually accepts and enjoys the challenge. Overall, Trevor is a hardworking and brave kid.

History:(What happened to your character before they became a trainer. Needs to be at least three paragraphs, which is fifteen sentences. Try touching a little on their parents, if they were a spoiled brat before but since the accident, blah blah blah, I'm sure you can work something out.)

(If your profile LOOKS good, but may only have thirteen sentences for the History, or eight sentences for appearance, I will approve it, AS LONG AS the sentences are NOT choppy. You shouldn't have a problem hitting fifteen at all, if you put in chopped, short sentences.)



Name:Stevie the MALE Starly


Moves:Quick Attack, Growl, Tackle

Personality:Starly is headstrong and confident; much like it's owner. This particular flying type, is very independent, as it sometimes resents and feuds with Trevor. Of course, during battle though, Starly always listens to Trevor and never doubts his judgment. Also, among other Pokemon, Starly is more often than not friendly. He really only despises electric type Pokemon for obvious type advantages.
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PostSubject: Re: Trevor Nuvo   Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:52 pm

Puh-leese update. This will be moved to the forum basket and risk eventual deletion if left alone for another month.

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Trevor Nuvo
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