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 Joy Panda (WIP)

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PostSubject: Joy Panda (WIP)   Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:41 am

(Having an image just makes it easier for everyone. You cannot choose an image already taken by another member.)

Name: Joy Panda

Age: 14

Trainer Class: Trainer


She has chocolate brown eyes, which have long eyelashes; above her eyes she has nicely shaped eyebrows, which are dark brown/black. She has dark brown hair, which is straight and goes down to her mid back, depending on the season, her hair is wavy and even sometimes turns light brown due to the sun. She has a little scar above her left eyebrow, but is almost invisible, and freckles on her cheeks, which is really cute. She also has small rosy lips which aren’t thin, but aren’t thick, they’re the perfect size in between.

She usually wears black shorts that go down to her knee, which is because she doesn’t really like shorts, the ones who go down to her mid thigh, because they’re too… short, and they really show her legs too much for her liking, but she doesn’t have a problem with the shorts which go down to the knee. She also uses a t-shirt which usually is bigger than her, because she doesn’t like to wear tight things, and she likes it being almost down to her knee as well, although it isn’t always that big, but usually is down to her mid thigh, which is enough for her. She wears black converse with white shoe laces, and a black with blue squares jacket with a hood.


Joy is really funny, she likes being with people and helping out, although she doesn’t be acknowledged by that helping because she’s also really shy about it and doesn’t like to be thanked or anything like that. She likes reading books, a lot, because she loves being able to imagine a new world, live adventures as the main character, she likes being able to imagine all of this crazy things as if they actually happened or as if she had dreamed them.

She likes drawing things, and she’s actually good at drawing because she has trained in drawing a lot, she usually draws when bored. Due to her love to reading, Joy also likes writing stories, especially when she’s feeling creative or something, and when she writes about other people she usually keeps them in character, which is really good.
She’s not really social because she grew up as an only child, without brothers or anything, so she’s really socially awkward and everything, although she really gets along with pokemons, which used to be her only friends when she was little, she also likes playing with little kids from time to time when she sees them around. She likes being nice to old people as well, help them cross the street or carry something heavy, although this almost never happens because she’s usually too focused in other things as to notice.


Joy was raised in a small town, in a small family, which mainly consisted of her parents and herself, she, as stated above, had no brothers nor sisters, so she didn’t know what friends, friendship, or getting along with other children meant until she had to go to school. Her parents were really nice to her but also strict, so they never really spoiled her, in the bad way, or anything, they were nice in the way of taking her to the park everyday and having time to spend with her, she always had her parents when she needed them, so she loved them, she still does.

Since her parents took her to the park a lot, she eventually met the pokemons, she became friends with them and had really nice time with them. She liked being with the pokemons, which is why she told her parents everyday to go to the park and play with them, she liked being with them, and it seemed like the feeling was mutual, although her parents also needed to work so she couldn’t stay that much time in week days.

When she was old enough, her parents sent her to the pokemon academy, which helped her decide that she wanted to be a pokemon trainer, she liked pokemon and saw them as friends, but she also, when she went to the academy, found that she liked fighting alongside with them, which is really good, she did not think of them as tools though, because that would not be nice, but she did think it would be awesome to fight WITH them, as friends helping each other kind of with.

She then studied hard in the academy and talked to her parents about being a trainer, her parents weren’t ok with it at first, because it was too dangerous and she was 12, but she got to convince them that she would work her and would become a trainer once she turned 14 so they ended up agreeing. She worked hard during those two years and got better in everything she could, she got more knowledge about the pokemons, and everything she needed to know before going to an adventure.

Joy is now 14 and starting her adventure as a new pokemon trainer!



Name:(If they don't have a nickname, just say their species name, their gender, and species here. Sort of like "Sonic the Hedgehog", but put male in between "the" and "Hedgehog".)


Moves:(What moves they have learned by level five. No, they can't have a TM move. They can only have an egg move if they're like Hoppip or Magikarp, and at this level, have a completely harmless move like Splash. We WILL be checking to see if you got your moves right. Trust me, it's incredibly easy.
If you're wondering where to go to learn Pokemon moves, just go to serebii or bulbapedia or something.)

Personality:(Try one paragraph.)
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PostSubject: Re: Joy Panda (WIP)   Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:51 pm

Bump, you still alive?

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Joy Panda (WIP)
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