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 Ashley Karaku

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PostSubject: Ashley Karaku   Ashley Karaku EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 10:38 pm

Name: Ashley Karaku

Age: 15 years old

Gender: Female

Pokemon Trainer

Appearance: Ashley normally wears her hair down so it flows in the wind. A silky chestnut brown is her hair color. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, although she usually hides them behind sunglasses. Her attire is casual: a plain blue tank top and khaki shorts. Her waist bag was a gift from her mother, so she carries it everywhere. She is thin and tall, but sometimes can be embarrassed when people call her beautiful. Although she may seem frail, she is actually quite strong.

Personality: Ashley is sweet and has a great sense of humor; although, her sarcasm can
sometime go over the edge. She hides her pain while it boils up inside her however. Despite her true feelings, she is good at hiding her emotions. She is ambitious and brave, but sometimes to the point of foolishness. Some people call her ideas "insane," as she can come up with the most
creative ideas on the spot.

History: Ashley was once a sweet little girl who lived nearby a dig site. Her patents were archeologists, so she enjoyed coming with them to study fossils. After only a few months, it was her dream to be an archeologist. Sometimes, she would help out with uncovering bones and
During her childhood, Ashley didn't have many friends. Her only companion was a small
fossilized rock she dug up. Thus was the first fossil she ever dug up, and kept it ever since. She
was home schooled, so she didn't meet other kids her age.
Then it happened. One fateful day, only a few days after her tenth birthday, her parents
brought her to a new evacuation site. They got to work while she sat against the wall,
examining the ancient runes. Suddenly, the runes sprang to life, and stared circling the room.
Terrified, Ashley dashed for a small corner, crying for her mom. Once her mom turned around;
however, it was too late. Coming down the halls, an entire stampede of cave pokemon came
rushing down. Strange alphabet pokemon surrounded her mother and father, engulfing them.
With everything going on, Ashley was terrified and blind, so she curled up in the corner. She
only opened her eyes once the sounds died down. Her parents were gone, along with the
strange pokemon. The stampede had passed, but a small, baby Cyndaquil was left behind. Too
scared and sad to do anything, Ashley curled up with the baby Cyndaquil, asking him, "Did you
lose your parents too?"
Later, Ashley appeared outside, cold and hungry. Her parents' co workers took care of her for
the remainder of her life. When she turned fourteen, she finally said goodbye, ready to start a
new life

Level 5
Somewhat rowdy and vocal, but deeply cares for Ashley. He never leaves her side, even if it was to go inside a Pokeball. He can be afraid at times, bur with Ashley's encouragement, he'll do just about anything.
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Smokescreen, Ember
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PostSubject: Re: Ashley Karaku   Ashley Karaku EmptyTue Nov 01, 2011 12:53 pm

Erm... Well the history doesn't make muuuuch sense, so I'd like to see you develop it fully IC. Other than that, the only thing I can think of at the moment is the fact that Cyndaquil doesn't start with those moves. You can only start with moves that Cyndaquil SHOULD have at level 5- no egg moves unless there's no moves that can cause damage: and tackle, not scratch, causes damage just fine. Please change accordingly, and you'll be approved.

If you don't update within another month, this thread risks deletion.

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Ashley Karaku
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