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 Jack Sinasious

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PostSubject: Jack Sinasious    Jack Sinasious  EmptySat Dec 10, 2011 4:15 am

Jack Sinasious  Anime

{Jack is the on on the right}

Name:Jack Sinasious

Age: 19
Trainer Class:Trainer

Appearance:Jack is 1.97 m. (6.4 ft) long.Jack has tattoo’s on his chest, hip and arm. One of his tattoo’s represents his mother and father. And anotherone representing his sisters. He always wears his black outfit, no exceptions. On his left arm he wears a glove witch goes all the way up to his elbow, he has this to hide his scar. His iris is white, he inherited that from is father.

Personality:Jack is someone that doesn't like to be around crouds.He would make an exception if he has to for his brother, but that's it. Jack used to be a very happy guy, eventhough people wouldn't think that by his looks. But after his parents died he became very depressed. He came over the sadness by now, but it will always stay with him, not able to forget it.

Jack will do anything for his brother, 'cause he is the only family he has left. He and his brother bearly ever left eachother after their parents passed away. Jack will always try to cheer Aster up, and vice versa. Jack will also always find comfort at his pokemon, Nidoran. Eversince Jack met him there was a connection, he doesn't know exactly why.

History:Jack is 5 min older then Aster. They never really considered the one older then the other. They always did things together. They had the same friends, same school, so they always did homework together. In their whole life they might have only had 3 fights, but they only took 10-15 minutes.

At the age of 10 they got two baby sister, also twins. Jack loved them. He would do anything for them along with Aster, even as baby's. Change diapers, put them in bed, all those things. Their parents were happy that they took it so good, two new people in their family. But his parents weren't all that happy. They didn't have the money to support them.

His father took another two jobs. He always came home, ate his dinner and went to bed. He bearly did anything with his family again. His mother also took a job, she became part of an escort service. She didn't have the diploma to work anywhere where she could get payed decently. She often brought men home, when she didn't, Jack and Aster had to go for a walk with his sisters.

After a while this all became the normal drill. But one night there was a large pounding on the door. Jack and Aster were in their bed, but out of curiosity they went to have a look from up the stairs. His mother opened the door and got shot in the head, died instantly. It was a robbery. His father ran towards the hall to see what was happening, but before he knew it he got shot as well. Jack and Aster ran towards their sisters room. Wanting to protect them if the robber came upstairs. Even though they knew the man was much stronger they wanted to do everything. But the man didn't. He was gone with all their belongings. After the robber left, 10 minutes later the police arrived. They took care of Jack, Ester and his sisters.

(Part two at Asters profile.)

Jack Sinasious  Spr_4h_032

Name:Scai the Horn

1) Leer
2) Peck

Scaiis always trying to cheer Jack up whenever he is down. He and Terica are always playing when able, trying to always have fun while they can. They are trying to set an example to Jack and Aster to try and always have fun, no matter how hard life is.

{Jack and Aster are twins. I will use the same account for both. They will Rp together and i will place what they are saying and doing in one post. During an Rp i will make clear who is saying/doing what by colouring them.}
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Age/Name: 'Reaver', 20
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Sinasious    Jack Sinasious  EmptySat Dec 10, 2011 1:51 pm

One character per player. No exceptions keep one, edit one out, just, read the damn rules!

Is it strange that I actually want a magikarp in my team?
My team:
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Sinasious    Jack Sinasious  EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 3:02 am

I just thought it would be a nice change since Alex asked for more acitivty...sort of, so i thought doing twins would be fun and make it look asif there was more activity. But awell, no need to get mad -.-
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AGE : 24

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Age/Name: 16/Alex
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Sinasious    Jack Sinasious  EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 2:41 pm

Thank you so much for actually acknowledging my post :DD i will reward you greatly

..::PYRO::.. ..::HYDRA::.. ..::CYRO::.. ..::FLORA::.. ..::TERRA::..
Jack Sinasious  Magby
"May the
fire burn deep
within you"
Jack Sinasious  Staryu
"Rest below
the ocean
Jack Sinasious  Swinub
"Break the ice
in which it has
incased you"
Jack Sinasious  Oddish
"Your power will
bloom beyond the
Jack Sinasious  Trapinch
"Decend to the sky"
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PostSubject: Re: Jack Sinasious    Jack Sinasious  Empty

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Jack Sinasious
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