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 Sean Viore

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PostSubject: Sean Viore   Sean Viore EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 3:51 am

Sean Viore Pink-white-hair-boy

Name:Sean Viore

Trainer Class:Trainer
Appearance:Sean is 2.10 meters/ 6.8 ft. Sean his hair goes down to his knees. Sometimes he dye's his hair when he wants to look at something else. The natural color of is hair is in the pic. except the bead in front of his eye. He likes to wear eye contacts that make his eyes, for example, look like it is a spider web. He likes to wear his normal outfit and nothing else. His normal outfit: A sleeveless jacket with two arm bracers instead of sleeves. He wear longs trousers with metal chains on the and skulls.

Personality:Sean is a person that doesn't care what other think about him. He doesn't care if people stare at him, or give bad comments about him. He likes how he is and that's how he will stay. No matter what people will say, Sean will never get mad. During his Yoga lesson's he learned how to control his anger, and not to care what other people think of him.

Sean loves to swim. If he could he would swim all the time. Sean likes to train his pressure-point training. He learned this from his yoga master. This allows him to know all the pressure points in a human body, to be able to relax them. Or paralyze them. But Sean hopes that he doesn't meet anyone that he has to use this 'Fighting-Style' on, not again atleast.

History:Sean was a happy boy. He lived with his parents in a small cottage. His parents owned a Theme Park. Sean could go as much in every attraction when he wanted, but of course after a while it would bore him. He made friends with a lot of pokemon that lived in the theme park aswell. Because his parents were rich do to the money the Theme Park made Sean could have anything he wanted. He got lessons in Yoga, and Pressure Point Mastery. His parents wanted him to learn this so he could protect himself whenever his parents weren't around. Sean liked it because he would learn everything about the human body.

At the age of 16, when Sean came back from the Theme Park playing with some pokemon he didn't see his parents anywhere in the house. Sean couldn't reach them by phone so he looked around the Theme Park. He thought they were probably doing a last check up. When Sean found his parents near the Bouncing Snorlax they didn't look in a good shape. Sean ran towards them and they had some bullet holes. His father didn't move, he passed away. His mother was still moving, bearly. Sean was horrified to what happened to them. His mother pointed behind him. Sean could hear the trigger of gun on his head. Sean had to stand up and turn around and stand at a wall. Sean recognized the man that was holding the gun. The man got fired from the Theme Park because he stole purchase of the shops and then sold them out of the Theme Park for a lower price. Sean tried to convince him not to do it but he wouldn't listen. Sean didn't know what to do. Before he knew it a Houndour came running out of nowhere and he pushed the man away at great speed. The Houndour grabbed the gun out of the mans hand while he had his chance and threw it away. Sean took his chance and he used his Pressure Point Mastery. He jumped at the man and hit a muscle in his neck to make him completely paralyzed.

When Sean turned around he went towards his mother but it was to late, she passed away aswell. The Police and Ambulance arrived when Sean called 911. He knew that the Ambulance couldn't do anything anymore for them but he liked the gesture that they tried. Sean looked at the Houndour that helped him. He was very thankful to him. He admired that he stepped up to the man. They have become best friends ever since. Sean's family gathered to help him with the Theme Park. They didn't want to shut it down because Sean wants to do it for his parents. Sean's family decided that Sean could leave if he wanted. His family knew every inch of the Theme Park and what to do in an emergency. Sean agreed and went on his journey with his first pokemon witch he named: Yerai


Sean Viore 228

Name:Yerai the Hellhound


1) Leer
2) Ember
3) Howl

Personality:Yerai is a tough Houndour. He always likes to be the boss, doesn't matter of what. He is also very serious. When he isn't playing the boss he will be taking a nap, if possible in the shadow.

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Age/Name: 16/Alex
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PostSubject: Re: Sean Viore   Sean Viore EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 2:43 pm


..::PYRO::.. ..::HYDRA::.. ..::CYRO::.. ..::FLORA::.. ..::TERRA::..
Sean Viore Magby
"May the
fire burn deep
within you"
Sean Viore Staryu
"Rest below
the ocean
Sean Viore Swinub
"Break the ice
in which it has
incased you"
Sean Viore Oddish
"Your power will
bloom beyond the
Sean Viore Trapinch
"Decend to the sky"
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Sean Viore
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