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 Mariana Star (WIP)

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PostSubject: Mariana Star (WIP)   Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:12 pm

Name: Mariana Star

Age: 17

Trainer Class: Trainer

Appearance: Mariana has silky light blond hair that is almost white, also straight with slight waves at the ends, which goes down to her waist although she has it tied up in a ponytail most of the time because it annoys her to move around with it, her face is heart shaped and her skin is really pale. She has a pointed nose, like those greek gods are portrayed with; and big poppy emerald green eyes, her eyes pop so much because they sparkle all the time and stand out from her pale white skin. Her ears are normally sized, slightly pointed in the upper corner, and she has long black eyelashes and nicely shaped eyebrows. She has some bangs that cover her forehead almost totally, which is why she usually uses clips to prevent them to get to her eyes. She is 170 cm tall, weighting around 56kg. Her body is long and thin, like a model's although Mariana has big breasts and butt, so she wouldn't be able to be one. She used to have no marks when she was little, only a small mole under her left eye, but when she grew up she got some tattoos, which remind her of her goal and why she's doing what she is. One of her tattoos is a broken star, which reminds her that her family died. The other is a cherry blossom, which is to remind Saki her sister who she loved a lot.

When it's too cold for Mariana and she has free time, she wears long sleeved t-shirts that are oversized, they usually go down to her knee and are really baggy; the color of the t-shirts usually varies since she doesn't use the same shirt all the time, her most common shirts are usually either red, black, white or indigo although sometimes she wears t-shirts that are of other colors. She also wears black skinny jeans that hug her legs perfectly and even so let her do anything she wants, kicking perfectly and stuff like that, just in case something bad happens. She wears white snow boots and a white scarf around her neck to keep her warm. She also wears a cotton sweater to keep her warm if the weather is TOO cold for her.

In summer Mariana wears a short sleeved cotton shirt which also differs colors, she DOESN'T use the same shirt every time there's hot weather. She wears shorts that go down to her mid thigh, the color of the shorts also differ, usually they're either black or white. She wears either sandals or converse styled snickers which usually are either black or white, with different colored shoelaces. She wears star shaped earrings, which are made out of silver and also have a small diamond in the middle of each star; a silver chain as a necklace that has a star totem; which also has a small diamond in the middle of the star; a black fedora and rimmed sunglasses which fit her face's shape perfectly.

Personality: Mariana is an idealist, she doesn't matter what she has to do in order to accomplish her goals. She is usually kind and calm but when someone gets on her nerves, mentioning things that remind her about her parents or sister, she gets bitchy. he likes reading but almost never has the time to do it, although it's still her favorite hobby, and she also likes singing but doesn't really do it in front of someone, even if she has a wonderful voice, soft, calm and really high(not the annoying high voice type but a soft high voice). She tries to get along with the people she works with although she'll never be the first one to stablish a close relationship as she thinks that that will only prevent her from accomplishing her dreams and goals. She talks in rhymes and uses weird words while talking with friends she also likes to quote Shakespeare. She usually formal with people, she won't swear unless extremely mad/annoyed/ or in order to make someone scared.

Ever since she was a child, Mariana has loved reading, it was something that would relax her, the books would take her to other worlds where anything could happen, she preferred the ones with suspense and adventures, a complex plot, instead of the cheesy romantic novels, although there were some that she actually liked. Unlike her sister, Mariana would read everywhere, it didn't matter if it was in the living room, with everyone talking and being loud; in the dojo, in a corner where she wouldn't be hit; with the people practicing different martial arts, which she also practiced. Anywhere, you would find Mariana reading, and it was like nothing affected her, she was so concentrated in her reading that nothing would annoy her.

Mariana has a phobia, only one, she's terrified of bugs, she can't stand to see them, she starts screaming and runs away. When she was little she fell to a hole(not too deep) which was full of any kind of bugs, even if it wasn't too deep Mariana was too small to climb up. Being trapped there she panicked and felt the bugs moving on her skin and that experience marked her for life, she can't stand bugs at all.

History:(What happened to your character before they became a trainer. Needs to be at least three paragraphs, which is fifteen sentences. Try touching a little on their parents, if they were a spoiled brat before but since the accident, blah blah blah, I'm sure you can work something out.)

(If your profile LOOKS good, but may only have thirteen sentences for the History, or eight sentences for appearance, I will approve it, AS LONG AS the sentences are NOT choppy. You shouldn't have a problem hitting fifteen at all, if you put in chopped, short sentences.)



Name:(If they don't have a nickname, just say their species name, their gender, and species here. Sort of like "Sonic the Hedgehog", but put male in between "the" and "Hedgehog".)


Moves:(What moves they have learned by level five. No, they can't have a TM move. They can only have an egg move if they're like Hoppip or Magikarp, and at this level, have a completely harmless move like Splash. We WILL be checking to see if you got your moves right. Trust me, it's incredibly easy.
If you're wondering where to go to learn Pokemon moves, just go to serebii or bulbapedia or something.)

Personality:(Try one paragraph.)
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Mariana Star (WIP)
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