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 Level & Event Based Encounter Lists

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PostSubject: Level & Event Based Encounter Lists   Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:17 pm

Initially (well, actually the second time around), we used a linear point hack to get from one place to another, meaning that the trainer would level up with the area. Now, trainers have the liberty to jump around, and move in whatever strange patterns meet their crazy fancy. Now, our encounter lists have been using a sort of commons-rares type of system, meaning even the stronger trainers will catch basic stage pokemon. The solution, of course, would be to create a sort of level based system, in which a trainer's experience (as well as level of pokemon) would determine what pokemon they would meet, and what moves they would have, as well as the scenario of their adventure. Now, what would these levels be? There are:

Beginner - Trainers who have just started go in this category. Pokemon in this section never go above level 10, and are usually the very weak, and common pokemon one would usually find on their journeys.

Novice - Trainers with a bit of experience, perhaps on their way to the first gym leader, as well as those simply carrying around weaker than usual pokemon for training fit in right here in this category. Although they are still fairly common pokemon, are anything but weak- at least for the trainers who face them, and may even be evolved forms of their novice level counter parts. Pokemon here tend not to exceed level 20.

Journeyman - A cut above novice, the journeyman class contains rarer, and tougher pokemon than their less experienced rivals. Trainers here tend to have at least their first badge, and perhaps their second. Pokemon in this category are never stronger than level 30.

Intermediate - A trainer well on their way to the pokemon league, with two, three, or maybe even four badges. Trainers here have tough pokemon, almost strong enough to take down a legendary, though not quite. Pokemon here tend to be very strong and uncommon, though not strong enough to be over level 40.

Advanced - A trainer who has more than half of the leagues badges. A trainer in this category can catch pokemon within level 40-50. A trainer here may be able to find and capture a legendary pokemon.

Elite - Trainers who tie with the famous elite four are able to find and catch even rarer and more powerful pokemon. Most wild legendary pokemon fit in this level. Trainers with a good eye at this level are able to catch the more elusive pokemon. Really strong, perhaps fully evolved pokemon between levels 50 and 60 can be found here.

Master - The true pokemon masters, such as the notorious trainer Red, fit in this category. Trainers at this high tier are able to tame even the most feral and savage, or perhaps, most ancient and majestic of pokemon. The limits of these trainers know know bound, able to catch pokemon as strong as level 100. These trainers have a fighting chance at trying to catch the unholy psychic mega-beast Mewtwo, or if it suits their nature, the divine creator-god of all pokemon, Arceus.

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PostSubject: Re: Level & Event Based Encounter Lists   Mon May 28, 2012 2:17 pm

Added to rules. :)

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Level & Event Based Encounter Lists
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