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 Rosalyn Kippenbrook

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AGE : 22

PostSubject: Rosalyn Kippenbrook   Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:21 pm

Name: Rosalyn(Rosie) Kippenbrook

Age: 21

Trainer Class: Researcher

Appearance: Face is as above. She's a large woman, not quite so much in waist but in structure. She's pretty tall, reaching around 5'11'' and over six feet in her heels. Wide hips, which she's somewhat self-conscious about, are concealed usually by a loose, blowing dress or skirt. She prefers open-toed shoes, whether they be heels or sandals. She has broad shoulders and a regular waist line. Not at all thin, but it's not like she has a noticeably protruding belly, either. She usually wears dark but vibrant colors, or combinations like such in the picture. She almost always has her makeup on, and she'll only put her hair in a pigtail(which is messy) when she's putting all of her energy and focus into something important, and it just gets in the way.

Personality: Rosie is a soft-spoken, gentle soul who prefers to just sit and watch the wind blow through the trees or the grass rather than raise her voice at anyone. However, she's no push-over. She's intelligent, loves to learn, and has taken a couple psychology classes along with her Pokemon study classes. She usually knows what's up with someone, or if they want something. Often, she can tell if they have bad intentions, but since she's an optimist and hopelessly naive to how some people can be rotten to the core, it turns into only a suspicion and is shoved away until proven. In a word, she's benevolent. A benevolent soul looking to educate those who are not, and never in a mean way. To her, there are no bad questions. She can be shy, though when she's with friends, she comes out of her shallow shell and turn into the life of the party.

History: Oh, where to start.
Her childhood was pretty normal. She had two kind parents who worked, were there for her, and she was neither poverty-stricken nor wealthy. Her mother was much like Rosalyn herself, though she had a bit of a bigger mouth, and her father liked to tease every once in awhile, but was sincere and considerate. However, she grew up around Pokemon, particularly Mudkip and its evolutions. That's actually where their last name came from. Anyway, they were a breeding facility and a daycare for the fishes, and Rosie grew up taking care of them. She learned how to swim very quickly in her life, and grew to love water about as much as they did.

When she was little, she would feed them, play with them, take care of them when they were sick, and even sleep with them sometimes. Though every once in awhile, there would be that little tragedy. There would be a runt Mudkip, the parents weren't so great at their job, they just plain abandoned the child, or they were injured/killed and couldn't care for their babies. Those are the 'kips that Rosie was given to work with, and because of that, she developed a sort of maternal instinct very early on.

Her Mudkip, an energetic male named Eskimo(Mo for short), was a single child whose parents were dropped off by the trainers, but they didn't take the egg. So, she treasured her egg until it hatched, and had already named it Eskimo before it did, as it seemed to get cold no matter what, unless it was being hugged. So she would carry the thing everywhere with her, and would sleep with it. Mo is her baby, and will forever remain as such. Though because he is, she never had the courage to send him into battle. She wouldn't be able to bear him get hurt, you see.

Now she's older, her parents finally persuaded her to go on her trip and pursue her own dreams as an individual. Before, she had school as an excuse to stay, but now that she's finished and has her degree, she only has to go job-hunting. She's a little anxious, though excited, and accompanied by her baby, prepared to start her own life.

Pokemon: Mudkip

Name: Eskimo, or Mo for short. Sometimes Momo.

Level: 5

Moves: Tackle, Growl

Personality: Because he's been babied all his life, he's a little spoiled. He's sweet and all, and takes after his Momma, though he's got accustomed to whining or begging like a puppy to get something if he really wants it. He often does. Though he knows how to behave, and is utterly obedient towards Rosalyn. For her, he would do anything. Nothing is too good for his Momma, but because he sometimes forgets how much she worries about him, he'll wander off to find her a gift. He is a little forgetful, and has "selective hearing" when it comes to others, but he's a treasure. Towards all but his Momma, he shows off and puts up a cool front, as he's a sucker for attention. He's definitely a typical baby, wailing so loudly the whole world can hear him if he falls or something. Only when it's just Momma around to hear, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Rosalyn Kippenbrook   Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:01 pm

You don't have enough posts on your main account to make another character.
Send me a PM if you wish to do one of the following:

• Change your main account's password if you've forgotten it, (you'll be able to change it yourself after you've logged on,)
• or delete your first account entirely and start over with this one.

Please review the rules in the mean time. Thread locked & sent to basket.

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Rosalyn Kippenbrook
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