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 Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P)

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AGE : 26

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PostSubject: Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P)   Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) EmptySat Apr 21, 2012 11:58 pm

Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Kanu_unchou_3__240x400

Name: Shenelle Valentine (Shenz)

Age: 19

Trainer Class: Coordinator

Appearance:Kanu can be defined as completely flawlessly good looking. Her smooth tanned skin can easily noticeable from a far distance and is as smooth as silk. Her beautiful eyes with her long eye lashes, with a nose and mouth that fits her face perfectly. Her most distinctive feature being her long smooth blue hair that is even longer than her own body and runs all the way down to the floor, makes her easily noticeable by anyone, even in a crowd of a million people she is easily quick to be noticed because of it. Her hair comes down over her left eye which is one of her cutest features which easily draws in most guys. The rest of her hair comes down into her face in several bangs, some of it framing her face perfectly for even more beauty.

Kanu is a rather tall woman with a rather athletic but not too athletic built. She stands at 5"10 and has very voluptuous and easily attractable figure. Her figure in accompany with her rather large bust becomes even more drawing for males with her standard type of clothing. Her clothing is rather scanty and is obviously very revealing. Her clothing resembles that of a school uniform. A white above navel length school t-shirt with blue and white collar and sleeves, she wears a yellow neck crest up at the neck area, she also wears a pair of red gloves with long knee length white socks that fluffs at the ankle. Her skirt is rather short so much that a simple slight pull up of her skirt usually reveals her panties(usually white). All this consist of Kanu's standard outfit. Her clothing often gets torn up in battle and often serves as a distraction if her opponent is a male, most often her shirt and sometimes her panties will tear from the damage.

Going by all this, it is easy to say that Kanu is a very distinctive person and can be easily noticed in a crowd because of her long hair, voluptuous figure, good looks and rather scanty clothes.

Personality:(Needs to be at least TWO PARAGRAPHS. Which is at the LEAST, ten sentences.)

History:(What happened to your character before they became a trainer. Needs to be at least three paragraphs, which is fifteen sentences. Try touching a little on their parents, if they were a spoiled brat before but since the accident, blah blah blah, I'm sure you can work something out.)

(If your profile LOOKS good, but may only have thirteen sentences for the History, or eight sentences for appearance, I will approve it, AS LONG AS the sentences are NOT choppy. You shouldn't have a problem hitting fifteen at all, if you put in chopped, short sentences.)


Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) (You don't have to put an image of your Pokemon here. We know what they look like. You still can, though

Name:(If they don't have a nickname, just say their species name, their gender, and species here. Sort of like "Sonic the Hedgehog", but put male in between "the" and "Hedgehog".)

Level: 5

Moves:(What moves they have learned by level five. No, they can't have a TM move. They can only have an egg move if they're like Hoppip or Magikarp, and at this level, have a completely harmless move like Splash. We WILL be checking to see if you got your moves right. Trust me, it's incredibly easy.
If you're wondering where to go to learn Pokemon moves, just go to serebii or bulbapedia or something.)

Personality:(Try one paragraph.)
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GENDER : Female POST COUNT : 300
AGE : 23

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Age/Name: 19/Mysie
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Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P)   Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 9:58 am

Two weeks from today to finish this before it's sent to the basket! (6/15/12)

Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Tyra11Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Raichu11Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Totodi10Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Ursari10Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Linoon11Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P) Nidoki10
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Shenelle Valentine (W.I.P)
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