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 If you want something done....

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Destiny Joy

Destiny Joy


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Age/Name: 17,Destiny
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PostSubject: If you want something done....   Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:50 pm

Destiny smiled as she walked into Isido Meadow that sat at the edge of Isido town. A small smile came to her face as she stepped into the thick,green,grassy area. It was late afternoon and once again quiet, which always meant pokemon were about. Today against what she felt, Destiny decided it was fair to keep Camellia inside a pokeball. It took much scolding and a speech but after about four hours the little Cyndaquill agreed to get in the Device. Destiny knew she would have other pokemon eventually but she didn't think she would feel this way, Conflicted. Looking at the three balls on her hip she smiled and pulled one off. This ball held Camellia the Cyndaquill, her first pokemon. Recently Destiny had came into contact with two other pokemon. These two were of a higher lvl than Camellia, Which made the two train a lot harder than before.

Camellia at first didn't too much like the idea of the other two pokemon, but sooner than Destiny thought did she warm up to them. Ivy the Shroomish and Lily the Mudkip got along wonderfully with Camellia. And even though Camellia and Lily were opposite types that got along like sisters, which made Destiny very happy. Destiny continued to walk deeper into the Meadow her eyes searching for a pokemon that she could battle with. Her main goal was to get Camellia to lvl Ten and go in search for a ghost type then a flying type. She really didn't know what she wanted as her last pokemon and decided to think on it once she had the team she wanted first.

A movement in the grass had caught Destiny's eye and pulled her from her thoughts. Turning quickly she was face to face with a bellsprout. Without hesitation Destiny released the pokeball she was using and out sprang Camellia. The Cyndaquill looked as if it had been asleep as Destiny watched it shuffle about a bit. The bellsprout was on it's guard because in a flash a vine hit Camellia on her back..Twice! The Cyndaquill made a yelp as it went flying backwards. A frown came to Destiny's face as she quickly ran over to Camellia.
"Are you ok my dear? Ok..This is what we are training for..This is perfect, you can win this I know you can..Up, up that a girl."

The pep talk was all Camellia needed to move forward, and with that Destiny called forth her strength as a trainer.
" Are you ready? Go Camellia! Use tackle! "
Camellia Ran Towards the Bellsprout dodging it's Vine whips which it expected from the first attack. The hit connected and the bellsprout fell to the ground. Waiting a few moments Destiny watched to see if the bellsprout would move. It didn't. A small smile oy accomplishment came to Destiny's face and she picked up Camellia and nuzzled her nose sweetly.
"Perfect as always my little Camellia...Now..Will you please return?"
A nod of the head and Camellia returned to her ball. Destiny sighed as she picked up the Bellsprout and began walking to the Pokemon center. ' Don't worry...Mom will get you fixed up in no time...I'm sorry though..."
It was more of a whisper than anything as she continued to walk to her destination.

Pokemon lvl up: Camellia the Cyndaquill
Lvl: 1
lvl up to: 6->7 ( Get it right this time Reaver...)
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AGE : 24

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Age/Name: 16/Alex
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PostSubject: Re: If you want something done....   Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:53 pm

Approved ^^ Level up Confirmed.

..::PYRO::.. ..::HYDRA::.. ..::CYRO::.. ..::FLORA::.. ..::TERRA::..

"May the
fire burn deep
within you"

"Rest below
the ocean

"Break the ice
in which it has
incased you"

"Your power will
bloom beyond the

"Decend to the sky"
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If you want something done....
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