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 Come get some. (Training)

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Lucas Attwood

Lucas Attwood


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PostSubject: Come get some. (Training)   Come get some. (Training) EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 8:15 am

The weather in Isido was as it usually was, beautifully sunny, with not a single cloud in the turquoise sky, for some reason today just seemed, special, like no other day, there was a rainbow in the sky, yet it hadn't rained, something must have come past, he could see the rainbow came from a large bird pokemon in the distance, but he had absolutely no idea what the creature was or where it came from, it was definately something special though, it left rainbows where it went, that wasn't something all pokémon were capable of doing, this one must have been special, even legendary, Lucas wondered if he'd ever seee such a pokemon in his lifetime, if only he had packed his binoculars to see and maybe draw this spectacular pokemon, but now was not the time, Lucas had to train his Gastly, as he had been slacking off for a while now, he needed to find a suitable pokemon to fight against, so he came to the meadows where he could find some grass type pokemon, as Gastly knew Ice Punch, so it'd be a walk in the park to beat these pokemon.

He was looking for a pokemon until suddenly, he was accosted by a Roselia, a very uncommon pokemon in these areas, as they usually went more towards forests, and very rarely stray out towards the meadows, but this would prove a good pokemon to face off against, it had some strength to it, and it should help Gastly become more powerful, which would be essential later on when he had to go and fight the gym leader.
The Roselia was about to attack, it looked as if it was going to use its' Magical Leaf attack, sending glowing leaves towards Nightmare, who simply separated his molecules and turned into nothing, before resolidifying in front of the Roselia, Nightmare already knew what he had to do, he made out a "fist" out of the purple smog he emitted and covered it in ice, before slamming the "fist" onto the face of the Roselia, who, sadly was very weak to Ice type moves, and, well, it just happened to knock her out in one hit. The poor thing, but this had to be done, Nightmare just had to become more powerful in order to compete with the level 10's in his team, in fact, most of Lucas' team was more powerful than Nightmare was, he was only tied with Reaper, his Scyther when it came to levels, and his Scyther hatched from an EGG! So Nightmare was really motivated to build up strength and to power through the levels and one day become a Haunter and maybe even a Gengar, the thought of being a Gengar was so sweet in Nightmare's mind, as Gengar were indeed terrifyingly strong, they were feared not only by other pokemon, but by humans too, as they were renowned for sucking the life out of people and scaring them in dark places, and pokemon were scared of them because Normal attacks have no effect whatsoever against it, something which scared a lot of trainers, and that Gengar was resistant to a lot of types and was only weak to three, this made it a very complicated pokemon to defeat, especially with its' monstrous amount of HP, high special attack and blazingly fast speed, it made it a pokemon to be reckoned with in a battle.

Gastly wanted to become a Gengar badly, but first he needed to become a Haunter, and there was some training to be done before that happened, but he knew he'd make it there eventually, and he knew he'd be a force to be reckoned with in future battles, he swore to that dream. He just needed to fight as many pokemon as he could today. "You ready for another, Nightmare?" He asked his first pokemon. "Of course I am, when am I not ready for a good fight?" he responded, which he always was, Ghastly loved battling, it was one of his favorite things to do, as it was a great way to compare skill and power, and basically resolved one thing that pokemon loved doing, dominating, proving who was stronger, who had the better moveset, and who could dominate the others, and that's why a lot of pokemon grow so attached to a good trainer, because they believe that the human that accompanies them can lead them to glory, and that's what Nightmare saw in Lucas, as he was a determined trainer who loved pokemon, who took care of them, who marvelled upon them, learned from them, became friends with them, but he also helped them strive to be the best, and Lucas loved every one of his pokemon, he cherished every one of them, from the newly hatched, to the ones who have been at his side throughout the entire journey, he loved each and every one of them. And he always will, this is the path he chose, to bring up pokemon, and he will continue doing so until the end of his life, this was his journey, his time, and his life, he would devote all of it to pokemon.

Lucas spotted a wild Nuzleaf in the distance, as it immediately charged towards the two, Gastly simply intercepting it with a quick Ice Punch straight to its' face, clotheslining it and sending it flying onto its' back, but it seems this pokemon was far more resiliant than the other ones, as it seemed to get right back up, which was a horrible idea on its' part, as the wild Nuzleaf simply recieved a second punch, knocking it straight to the floor, fainted, Nightmare putting on his usual grin at his own victory, that Nuzleaf obviously didn't stand a snowflake's chance in Hell against him, this made Gastly glad that he was born with a Dusknoir mother who passed on Ice Punch to him, it was a very powerful technique, a vicious punch which could deal considerable Ice damage and has a good chance to freeze opponents in a solid prison of ice, making them immobile until they find the strength to thaw out, which is hard to do when the temperature is below -10, it begins to wear on the muscles of the opponents, weakening them considerably, and also gave Nightmare a good length of time to make a follow up attack to finish off the opponent, which could end the battle right there.

Nightmare simply laughed at the defeated Nuzleaf, who was now simply a sprawled mess on the grass surrounded by shards of ice from the devastating attack thrown by him, it simply knocked the poor Nuzleaf straight off its' feet, it was in a right state now, just fainted, KO'd, it was time for Nightmare to move to a new target, and he found one, and this one was a big one, it was a Shiftry, and a very very angry one, They thought that might have just laid out one of its' children. The wild Shiftry looked at the fainted Nuzleaf and burst out into a fierce state of anger, Lucas's eyes widened, it didn't look happy, not at ALL, now that Nightmare has just wailed on the Shiftry's offspring, it wanted to get its' revenge and most of all, it wanted a fight, it wanted to attack the trainer and his companion for attacking its' offspring, the Shiftry let out a loud battle cry and began to charge towards Nightmare, who got out of the way and used Hypnosis on the Shiftry, shutting it up by putting it into a very deep sleep, before Gastly Ice Punched the Shiftry straight in the side of its' face, knocking it straight to the floor, this made it wake up, but however it was hurt, and it was very drowsy from being forcefully woken up, the Shiftry tried to find its' feet, but kept stumbling all over the place, like a sailor after getting kicked out of a bar, Gastly used the Ice punch attack a second time, this connected in the same place as the last time, but this time it froze the Shiftry in a solid block of ice, and it would need to thaw out to be capable of attacking again, but it seems as if it wasn't in a position to be able to do that, it was already rather stunned by the punch, Nightmare made the finishing blow, shattering the prison of ice and sending the Shiftry flying into the ground, KO'd, Nightmare putting on the usual Gastly smile, proud of his efforts, at least now he wouldn't be bothered by this pokemon anymore, he knew that Shiftry were incredibly protective of their young, and would become very aggresive is one were to attack their offspring, and, well that's exactly what happened, and the Shiftry wasn't too happy about it, but now that Nightmare simply laid it out, training must continue, he could feel himself getting stronger with each battle, and soon he would catch up to the levels of his other pokemon, and become just as powerful as the newcomers to his team, like Seel and Castform, but that meant Reaper, Lucas' Scyther would need to catch up, but that wasn't a problem because Lucas would simply make a separate training session to get Scyther to be just as powerful as his other pokemon, as Scyther was given to Lucas through a corporation in Jiroil, but Scyther was one of Lucas' favorite pokemon and he had to make it stronger so it could soon evolve into Scizor, one of Lucas' all time favorite pokemon, and Scyther had great potential due to it's speed, and Scizor had great defense, and his speed wasn't bad either, but first Lucas had to find a Metal Coat, which was sometimes rather difficult to obtain, as not many pokemon carried it, and the odds that that pokemon was carrying it in the first place were VERY slim, Metal Coats only appear on select pokemon 5 percent of the time, making a rather rare item to find.

Nightmare needed to fight at least one more pokemon before he headed back to the pokemon center to get himself refreshed, as using the same attack many times eventually brings on fatigue, using the revitalizer in the pokemon center removes any fatigue from battle and returns the pokemon's fighting spirit and brings them right back into the fight without any reprecussions, and it allows the pokemon to be in full form and in good stead to continue battling, but this only really works if the pokemon is not fainted or fainted but mildly damaged, otherwise urgent medical attention is neccessary.

Nightmare saw a Chikorita in the distance, he was going to go and fight it and punch the life out of it, he could always steal its' life force, but he didn't want to kill anything, the days of doing that were long over, he was now a trained pokemon, and battling is what you should do, not kill, and that was what he was going to do, put up a fair fight, Nightmare hovered eerily towards the Chikorita before disappearing when it noticed him, before reappearing behind the Chikorita and waited until it turned around, the Chikorita looked stunned, it slowly turned around and the Gastly went "Boo!", shocking the Chikorita and nearly scaring the life out of it, it simply squealed and jumped back, frantically Vine Whipping Nightmare, but this had little effect, due to Grass not being very effective against him, Nightmare retaliated to this attack by Ice Punching the Chikorita, knocking it around the meadow, but it was a resiliant little thing, as it got right back up afterwards and tried to use Razor Leaf on Nightmare, who simply avoided it and used Lick, slowly licking up the Chikorita's chick, sending chills down it's spine, and also forcing it to breathe in Nightmare's gaseous poison which he emitted, which nearly knocked the poor creature out, Gastly then sealed the deal with an Ice Punch straight to the face, this simply sent the poor creature flying, knocked out.

2035/2000 Words
Nightmare the Gastly Lvl5 > 10
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Come get some. (Training) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Come get some. (Training)   Come get some. (Training) EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 1:35 pm

Lol over achiever, Approved.

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Come get some. (Training)
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