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 I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)

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Lucas Attwood



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PostSubject: I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)   Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:26 am

Landon woke up at his house, he had come to visit his mother after his visit to Josen Island, and they had dinner together before Lucas went to get some rest in an actual bed instead of on the benches in a crowded pokémon center, oh how it felt good to be home, the feeling of being in a nice comfy bed, in a nice warm house, the pokemon center was warm, it had a fire near the benches, but if you were far away from it it could get pretty chilly, so warmth was definately something that not all pokémon centers possessed, but Lucas' house was warm enough, with the thick sheets and heating, it was always really comfortable at his house, he almost missed it.

Suddenly Lucas felt something heavy walk over his legs, and up to his chest, before staring at Lucas in the eyes for a good few minutes before making a cry. "Larv~" spoke the Larvesta, it was Lucas' Larvesta that Miles had given him on his trip to Josen, Lucas always let it out of its' pokeball, as due to the fact that it was a larva, it needed to be taken care of extensively by its' trainer, this however did provoke some jealousy from the other pokemon, but they understood, as it was rather fragile, yet was actually surprisingly powerful, Lucas' mother decided to take care of it for the night, and all it wanted to do was to wake Landon up so he wouldn't spend his entire day asleep as he had the habit of doing, and Nightmare was probably doing something else, like being fed, in which case he'd even ditch being Lucas' alarm clock if he was being fed the high quality food that Lucas' mother gave her pokemon, "Larv!" The Larvesta cried, this time in a more demanding manner, she really wanted Lucas to get out of bed. "Yeah yeah, I'm getting up give me a sec'..." he groaned, wishing he could get a few more hours of sleep. He gently petted the crest of his Larvesta, who responded in a rather positive manner, rubbing the side of her head against his hand. Lucas quickly got out of bed, sliding his belt on, clipping it on tight, before putting on his waistcoat and heading downstairs with his Larvesta in tow, after entering the living room he was greeted by his mother. "Hey sweetheart! I knew your Larvesta would wake you up at some point, she's really nice, you're lucky to have such a nice pokemon!" She exclaimed. "Yeah, Miles gave it to me, y'know, that Bug guy in the Elite Four." Lucas informed, sitting down at the table where his breakfast was already prepared. "What are you going to do today Lucas?" his mother asked. "Oh, the usual, train." he replied, he was going to train his Gastly even more, and then his Scyther, the newest addition to his team, who so far was the weakest member of the team, well, Lucas was going to change that drastically, and make him just as powerful as the other members of his team, as Scyther had great potential in the future to be a Scizor, and therefore be immensely powerful, Scizors had great Defense, and could really take a beating and come up victorious, and would make a great addition to his team, Lucas also wanted a Magnemite, a pokemon which had very little weaknesses but was rather strong, it was only weak to two types in reality, and it had superb defense and special attack, it made it a devastating pokemon to use at medium range, and even if the enemy does get close enough to use hand to hand combat attacks, Magnemite's high defense permits it to shrug it off easily, and it could also float, which means it could transport you places if you held onto it, you would only go about the same speed as a moped, but hey, it beats walking, Magnezone was a difficult pokemon to obtain, he heard legends about having to go somewhere with a strong electromagnetic field, he didn't know many places like that, maybe a nuclear power plant? He had no idea, maybe a wind farm? It was all so perplexing, not many places possessed an electromagnetic field to evolve a Magneton in, oh well, he'd probably find a suitable area on his travels.

Lucas began to tuck into his breakfast, he missed the delicious meals that his mother used to cook him, but it was alright, as there were a lot of cafés and restaurants in Honiso, so there was always somewhere you could eat, and most of them were cheap, so it was fine really, he loved the full English breakfasts his mother made him, two eggs and a few sausages and rashers of bacon, delicious, he remembered these and he missed them dearly, he was so happy to be able to indulge in one of these meals again, he quickly finished it in a space of about five minutes, all of Lucas' pokemon were being fed outside, except for his Larvesta who was on the chair opposite Lucas, watching him eat, Larvesta then turned her attention to the TV, where they spoke of a flock of Magnemite in Jiroil becoming pests and draining all the electricity from the power lines, he figured that this would be a good opportunity to try and find one, Magnemite were often wreaking havoc with power lines, because due to their powerful magnets they'd always be attracted to the power transformer, and then drain all its' energy, which could potentially cause a major blackout, this was a common phenomenon, as they enjoyed draining electricity from anything that produces some form of electromagnetism, the news report then changed to a report about a group of pokemon Activists named Team Delta, oh god, not a bunch of idiots like Team Magma and team Aqua again... Everyone has had enough of idiots like those guys, those two could have won nobel prizes for absolute stupidity, they were two groups of criminals in the Hoenn region who did illegal things like hold people hostage and steal pokémon from people and use it for their own cause, they even tried to use legendaries to help them achieve victory, but alas, all their efforts were fruitless, as they were simply tossed aside by Brandon, a trainer from Littleroot town in Hoenn, Brandon became a pokemon trainer and managed to defeat Team Magma and beat Hoenn's pokemon Champion, he was a very talented trainer, and a trainer who inspired Lucas, as he was the definition of a champion, same story with Red in the Johto region, both of these trainers were exceptional trainers, and earned their fame by working hard and working in co-operation with their pokemon, increasing their friendship, and fighting together until the end, and that was what they did in order to become the people they were today, those two trainers were inspirational, and Lucas hoped to one day join them up there. "Well mum, I got to go, I have an adventure to continue." he sighed and got up, hugging his mother who responded. "Okay sweetie, come back and visit us soon", she pleaded, smiling at her son, who responded. "Of course I will mum.", before he grabbed his rucksack, hoisted it onto his back and walked outside, summoning his pokémon into their pokéballs, and setting off on his adventure, his Gastly floating eerily behind his trainer, and his Larvesta using the flames from its' horns to fly next to Lucas, it was capable of doing that through ejecting flames from its' bottom two horns, giving it enough thrust to lift itself into the air and move around, this meant that it could travel faster than walking, which was very slow for the Larvesta due to it having tiny legs, which meant it couldn't travel very quickly, using this method made transportation far easier for it.

He was accosted by a Roselia a few seconds later, Lucas grabbed his pokeball and sent out his Scyther, "Go Reaper! Do your best!" he exclaimed, the Scyther instantly knowing what it had to do, it had to fight, he lifted up his twin scythes and got ready to fight, he looked at the Roselia menacingly, and in turn the Roselia glared back at Scyther and began to raise the red and blue roses on her hands, and prepared to use the Magical Leaf attack on Scyther, who simply avoided it and used Quick Attack, making a fast slash to the Roselia and sending it flying back and reeling, before it got up again and tried to use Poison Sting, the dart full of poison flying towards Scyther rapidly, who deflected it by hitting it with one of its' Scythes, the dart flying into the trunk of a nearby Oak tree, Scyther retaliated by using the move Vacuum Wave, making a crossing slash with its' two scythes and sending a massive tornado of air towards the Roselia, knocking it backwards and into a tree, but it was resilliant, it got right back up afterwards and tried to use magical leaf again, but Scyther intercepted it and gave it one quick slash with its two enormous Scythes, knocking out the Roselia almost instantly, the Scyther smirked, and turned around, before it was struck by a Shiftry, knocking the Scyther over, Scyther looked VERY annoyed, as Scyther was a warrior, and loved a fair fight, but that was just a cheap shot, Scyther WAS NOT HAPPY, and it retaliated by slashing the Shiftry multiple times, before crossing its' scythes and using the Vacuum wave attack, sending a massive long spiral of vacuum energy, knocking the Shiftry over, before Scyther finished it off by slashing it multiple times, the Shiftry laid KO on the ground, unable to move any longer, Scyther was pumped, he wanted to fight some more and lay down the smackdown on any other pokemon in the vicinity, and then he found his target, a Nuzleaf, Scyther rushed full force towards it and Quick Attacked it, slashing it once with its' right scythe transversally across its' chest, knocking the Nuzleaf back, sending it rolling backwards and crashing into a tree, Scyther used the Vacuum Cut attack again, sending a huge spiral of air towards the Nuzleaf, however it avoided the attack, and the Vacuum Wave simply demolished the tree, with a few cracking sounds the tree fell and made a huge thud as it hit the ground, Scyther looking around wildly for its' prey, as Scyther hated when its' enemy ran away, it was a sign of pure cowardice and he hated it, but that was was simply because of his warrior like personality, Scyther was all about dominating the enemy in a fair fight, this meant that he could prove his dominance over other pokemon.

The Nuzleaf was good at hiding, Scyther thought he had lost him, until it came up behind Scyther and used Pound, sending it reeling before it snapped out of it and roared, using Vacuum wave once again, sending the spiral of air flying towards the competition, the Nuzleaf was a good fighter, it definately gave Scyther a challenge, but the fact that this battle was taking a while simply annoyed him, Scyther enjoyed winning his battles quickly, as otherwise fatigue sets in and he would not be able to continue battling, as Scyther enjoyed beating one enemy after another, again, to simply prove that he was the greatest pokemon, this is why he was attached to Lucas, because if Lucas won the title of Pokemon Master, Scyther would be seen as one of the greatest pokemon on the planet, and seen as an idol and as one of the more dominant pokemon out of all. Scyther's dream was to just be the king of all pokemon, so he fights with absolute ruthlessness and unforgiveness.
2005/2000 words
Reaper the Scyther: Lvl 5 > Lvl 10
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PostSubject: Re: I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)   Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:57 pm

K, your Scyther is now level 10. Nice one shot XD

Is it strange that I actually want a magikarp in my team?
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PostSubject: Re: I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)   Tue May 29, 2012 2:14 pm

Finished, basket

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PostSubject: Re: I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)   

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I'm Pumped! (Training) (Done)
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