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 Training before hitting the gym

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Lucas Attwood

Lucas Attwood


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PostSubject: Training before hitting the gym   Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:35 pm

Lucas woke up in his house in Isido town, he was back with his mother again, as he had to stay somewhere during his adventure, and he figured he'd visit his mother while he was in town, as it wasn't often he could visit her during his adventures, as he was often in a completely different area of Honiso, and obviously he couldn't be in two places at once, sadly, as much as he'd like to, Lucas tossed and turned as Nova, his aron came to wake him up, clambering onto his bed by climing the nightstand and then jumping on to the bed, Aron's sheer weight knocking him off his bed through the bounce of the springs, making Lucas land on the floor with a thud. "Ow." Lucas groaned, slowly getting up. Lucas usually didn't like being forcefully woken up very much, if anything it was annoying as hell, he was simply trying to get some god damned sleep and he was forcefully woken up by all this, but he couldn't blame Nova, as he wanted training before Lucas hit the first gym leader, and he had some work cut out for him, what Lucas was trying to do is get his first gym badge, this would be his first truimph over the other trainers, this would make him one step closer to being a champion, and all he had to do was beat this trainer, and then he had to go and hunt down the seven other ones and beat them in a battle in order to gain the rest of the badges, the badges were neccessary to advance in one's quest to become a Pokémon Master, as after that you would need to face the Elite Four, the greatest trainers in the region and defeat them in a battle, the winner would advance to the next member of the elite four, and then the next, and so on until you have defeated all four of them, and then they would have to face the Pokémon Champion in a battle, no one knew the identity of the Elite Four Champion, as no-one spoke about him and it was all shrouded in mystery, the only way you could figure out who the champion was is if you went far enough to face him/her, and not many people have done so, as the elite four have ferociously powerful pokémon, and requires a team of highly trained pokémon to defeat, and Lucas knew that he was nearly there, his journey to becoming a pokémon master was getting closer and closer to him each passing day, the more he trained with his pokémon, the stronger they grew, and the stronger the bond between pokémon and trainer formed, Lucas had already formed a strong bond with every single one of his pokémon, treating them like his own offspring, especially Larvesta, as she was a grub and needed to be treated with a care that the workers of a hive would take to keep the grubs warm, cozy and comfortable, and if that was what he had to do to form a stronger bond with his pokémon, then he would do it, as Lucas was determined to be the greatest pokémon trainer in the region, and hopefully the world, and it all starts with having a bond with your pokémon, if you had no bond with your pokémon, then there was no chance that you would come out victorious from any battles, as in a battle, pokémon and people don't fight for their pride, for their culture, for their country or even for their family, in a battle, pokémon and trainers fight for each other.

Lucas slowly picked himself up and got to his feet, putting his waistcoat on and heading downstairs with Nova in tow, and then headed out of the front door, there was no need to say goodbye to his mother as she was out shopping at this time, and she would know why he left anyway, to continue with his adventure.
Lucas looked for some trainers to fight, and luckily, one just so happened to walk in front of Lucas. "Hey! Wanna battle?" the Bug Catcher asked, this man looked like he was into bugs and plants. "Alright then, bring it." Lucas spoke, sending Nova into battle. "Do your best, Nova!" Lucas motivated his pokémon, as the Bug Catcher sent out an Ivysaur, the Ivysaur made a soft cry before the trainer commanded it to use Vine Whip. "Nova! Harden now!" Lucas commanded, the pokémon obeying and curling up, deflecting the vines effortlessly as Nova got back to his feet again. "Nova! Now! Headbutt!" Lucas ordered, and Nova ran towards the Ivysaur and jumped, Nova's steel head connecting against the Ivysaur's soft, fleshy one, sending the Ivysaur flying back, knocked out due to the sheer momentum and weight of the strike, the Ivysaur stumbled around giddy, before falling over, the Bug Catcher cursed and retreated his defeated pokémon into its' pokéball. "Go Skorupi!" the Bug Catcher cooed, the capture beam blasting out the Skorupi in a red line into the battlefield, commanding it to use Poison Sting. The Skorupi obeyed and shot the stings of poison at Nova, but the spike simply deflected off of Aron's hard steel and rock shell, the poison incapable of penetrating or having any effect against him. "Nova! Now's your chance! Headbutt!" Lucas commanded his pokémon, Nova charged into the Skorupi at full speed, sending it rolling backwards and knocked out from the force of the strike, and the hard steel connecting with the Skorupi. Knocking it out instantly.
"Aha! While I may look like a Bug Catcher, I have an ace up my sleeve!" the Bug Catcher grinned smugly, holding out a pokéball and throwing it, calling a name into battle, Kana, it was a Kadabra, it seemed, a Psychic type, Lucas grinned and retreated his Aron into his pokéball and sent his Gastly into battle. "Go Nightmare!" Lucas called, the Gastly appearing into the battlefield after the red capture beam connected with the floor, the pokémon and the Bug Catcher looking intruiged. and their expressions suddenly changed when they realized that what Nightmare was, was a Gastly, a Ghost Type pokémon. The Bug Catcher ordered the Kadabra to use Confusion, but Nightmare simply dodged it and used Night Shade, Nightmare's eyes glowing red before shooting two beams of red energy at the Kadabra, doing massive damage due to the increase in Ghost Type moves using the Spell Tag, which Lucas got for a relatively low price at the pokémon center, the Spell Tag was some weird looking tag with some bizarre symbols of it, and it is said that it grants a 20 percent increase to all ghost type moves, and they weren't lying, as the power of Nightmare's Night Shade attack was greatly increased, he hadn't seen it do this much damage before.

The two red beams of Ghost Energy struck the Kadabra and did some massive damage, knocking it out in one hit and finishing it, Nightmare grinned smugly at his own victory, the trainer looked annoyed, as he returned his pokémon into their pokéballs and then handed Lucas some pokédollars for his victory against him.

1232/1200 words
Nova the Aron: Lvl 13 > Lvl 15, Learned Metal Claw, Replaced Tackle with Metal Claw.
Nightmare the Gastly: Lvl 15 > Lvl 16.
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PostSubject: Re: Training before hitting the gym   Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:54 pm


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Training before hitting the gym
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