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 This is the hap;

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PostSubject: This is the hap;   Mon May 28, 2012 2:46 pm

    this is what I've been doing:

      - Mass deletion of irrelevent or inactive threads in all of the forums.
      - Important subjects locked for further security measures.
      + Began compiling a list of questions that have been asked in the "Support" forum, as well as mentioned among other places; along with their answers to put in a new "FAQ" html page that's now available. (But still incomplete)
      + Yellow's "Level based encounters" officially added to board rules.
      - Moved affiliated to the bottom right corner. Because they're ugly and usually don't actually host us back.


      - Take the update station down? June was right: it's pretty much useless. I know I sure as hell don't use it. It's a hassle and kind of pointless to begin with. Discuss when possible- just post below.
      - Take the Fakemon & Honiso Pokèdex forums down? At least temporarily. With everything going on, Team Delta won't be moving anytime soon. We should focus more on completing the encounter lists and NPC profiles first.
      - Delete Ranger group because it's stupid?
      - Delete the Breeders' Tents? Nobody uses them. Seriously. There's one active breeder on the entire site and it's me... andIneverevenuseitanymoreeither,so?

    WARNING: IF ANY OF THE ACTIVE MEMBERS HAVE ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS (I will be checking post counts, just in case certain staff members thought'd be nice to cheat their own rules,) THAT THEY HAVEN'T POSTED ON IN AGES; DO SO. I'll be deleting inactive accounts in about a month. In a few days I'll issue out a warning to the accounts I've marked. I'll post on their character apps and send an email if possible.

      accounts marked:
      • LOTUS
      • SAVANE
      • TERRA
      • MARK MAPLE
      • DRACO
      • Many others who haven't actually posted yet, let alone made characters

    There WILL be a staff sweep. Inactive or inadequate staff members will be demoted. And possibly their accounts deleted depending on activity levels. All you have to do is log in and your account is safe (but not your position.)

    I can't do the encounter lists on my own. But what else do you guys think needs to be done?
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This is the hap;
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