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 A Watery Addition

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PostSubject: A Watery Addition   Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:00 pm

I stepped off of the train, and gazed across the lush sands of Amethius Beach. I slung my satchel over my shoulder, as my Skitty, Talia jumped happily onto my shoulder. She had never seen a beach before, so she was extremely giddy about the idea.

We took a brisk walk across a promenade, before reaching the steps down to the sand. There were so many trainers and pokemon. Some relaxing. Some battling. And some bonding with their pokemon.

Talia jumped from my shoulder, and landed on her four feet, onto the soft sand. She purred, and ran towards the sea. I kept my eye out for any wild pokemon, hoping to see one.~

My Team! ; cactus kiss
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A Watery Addition
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