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 Can't stop now!

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Destiny Joy

Destiny Joy


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Age/Name: 17,Destiny
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PostSubject: Can't stop now!   Tue Apr 24, 2012 6:29 pm

Today the sun was not shining brightly as it did on most days that Destiny had seen while being on the beach. On the sun was instead playing hide and seek among some clouds, some very dark clouds. A frown came to Destiny's face she could feel it...She could feel the rain coming soon. Destiny knew this was a bad idea, it was looking this way since the day had started. Closing her eyes for a second she frowned, if it rained while they were training...Then Camellia would be hurt, but if they got it done quickly then Camellia would be stronger. Destiny stopped walking for a moment to weigh her options. There was always tomorrow, but there was nothing like today to get things done quickly. Still thinking it over Destiny took another step forward and looked around, not a pokemon in sight.
Hm..This is going to be tricky...Maybe it won't rain..Maybe..."

A booming noise and a flash of light lit up the sky, the stage was being set for a wondrous song was about to play. Destiny looked up at the sky, her bright blue eyes blinking as she put a hand to her hip. Closing her eyes she removed a pokeball from her hip and threw it.
" Camellia Go! "
Out from the little red and white ball came a very lively Cyndaquill named Camellia. She was still getting used to being in the pokeball and Destiny could clearly tell. The small Cyndaquill happily jumped into Destiny's arms and snuggled inside her chest.
A smile came Destiny and she put Camellia down onto the sandy ground.
" Ok...Training has to go a lot faster than usual...No dilly dallying..If we get done before the rain comes.. We can have an extra special treat..Just me and you this time ok?"
A happy little squeal and it was agreed.

It was a good thing some luck was on there side because in that few seconds afterwards Two Woobat's could be seen flapping about. Another rare case where Woobat's were seen. Well the sun was being covered by some pretty dark clouds so maybe they were confused. Destiny didn't question it and began to run towards the Woobats. They must have caught her because they turned around and began to attack.
Destiny didn't have much but she had the combo she was using until her Cyndaquill was able to use Ember which came at the desired lvl ten.

Camellia use Smokescreen...Now!"

She held off for just the right moment, until the Two woobats were close enough to catch them in the smoke..Like a bug in a web. The thick black smoke did not clear because Camellia kept the stream going for a few moments longer than Destiny expected.
'Ok Camellia...This is going to be a bit challenging...There are two instead of one..And I fear we are running out of time..So GO LILY!"

Camellia quickly threw out a pokeball and out came a sleepy Mudkip
"Lily...I'm going to need your help...Quickly..Camellia stand back...Liliy Use Water Gun now!"
Right on cue. The smoke faded as one of the woobats used Gust, and the watergun hit em both right out of the sky. Destiny waited for a few moments to see if they would get back up..And they did.
"It's not over yet...Camellia Tackle the woobat on the left go! "
Doing as her master commanded Camellia knocked down the woobat before it could recover from the last attack fully, putting it down for good. Great now there is just one left..and in that case...Lily! Return!

Liliy returned back to the ball, but before Destiny could utter another command the Woobat made a move. At first Destiny could not tell what happened, but looking at the pained expression and the way she was wobbling a bit Destiny saw what was wrong.
To make matters worse...A drop of rain hit her nose.

Destiny quickly scooped her up and began to run for cover. The ran was coming down hard, and Destiny pulled out a pokemon and returned Camellia. The day had not been a complete failure but it was not a complete success. A tears ran down her eyes as she ran home. She did something that she would never forgive herself with...And that was leaving a downed pokemon out in the rain.

She could go back, but the risk of that other pokemon being there...Well it was rather small to be quite honest. So With all the speed she could muster Destiny ran back to the spot where she fought. Lo and behold the little woobat was there face down in the wet sand. Picking it up she smiled, tears still running down her wet face.
"Don't worry little one...Mom will help you...I promise.."
Finally complete with training, Destiny ran to the pokemon center near her home.

Words: 400/854
Pokemon Lvl up: Cyndaquill
Lvl up to: 7-9
Lvl #:2
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AGE : 24

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Age/Name: 16/Alex
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PostSubject: Re: Can't stop now!   Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:32 pm


..::PYRO::.. ..::HYDRA::.. ..::CYRO::.. ..::FLORA::.. ..::TERRA::..

"May the
fire burn deep
within you"

"Rest below
the ocean

"Break the ice
in which it has
incased you"

"Your power will
bloom beyond the

"Decend to the sky"
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PostSubject: Re: Can't stop now!   Tue May 29, 2012 2:17 pm

finished, basket

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PostSubject: Re: Can't stop now!   

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Can't stop now!
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