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 Rose Dwyer - Character Application

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Rose Dwyer - Character Application  Empty
PostSubject: Rose Dwyer - Character Application    Rose Dwyer - Character Application  EmptySat Oct 13, 2012 5:24 am

Name: Rose Dwyer

Age: 15

Trainer Class: Coordinator

Appearance: Rose is a beautiful young girl. Her skin is a tanned in the colour of the beach sand, Blonde hair creeps down to below her shoulders and it forms into a red at the ends. Her eyes are a beautiful light blue, that appear to glimmer in sunlight. She has luscious light pink lips and whenever she has a bright smile on herself little dimples form around her cheeks. Her daily clothing is comfortable and suitable wearing for her age, she wears a grey tinted singlet under from her baby blue sleeveless shirt and by below to her waist, down to her legs is a frilly white skirt as the ends are slightly longer also she has a long knitted cream white scarf that fits just about around her neck comfortably. Then lastly a pair of journeying sneakers which are plain blue.

Personality: Rose is a very caring person, she's kind and loyal to her friends and family. And finds making more friends easy. She is a flirty girl but curious about many things, she can be very adventurous when it comes to traveling. Her Pokemon are her best friends that travel with her in her daily adventure, she usually keeps her starter out of it's pokeball because she hates to be alone. She is always quick to smile, which is one of the reasons she chose to be a coordinator. Rose likes to prank her friends for fun and make others life's feel like a overflowing stomach of laughter. She has pleasing manners as to what her parents taught her since she was a kid. When in a competition she can get quite competitive in her attempt to win sometimes.


Rose was born in her little home at a town called Isis, she was raised by her mother and father Catherine Dwyer and Adam Dwyer. Her mother worked in the daycare to raise trainers Pokemon but two years after her birth Adam vanished from home and never returned. When Rose was young, she didn't have many friends the only friends she really had were the family Pokemon, Rose usually hanged out in her usual tree house where she played games with her only best friend Drake Smith. She was kind and loving to the Pokemon, making few friends by time to time. And before she knew it she was hearing more and more about contests and being a Coordinator, she loved the sound of the it.

As she got older she began to take great interest in contests and always tried to watch them when she could. She had always dreamed of being a coordinator, after all her parents had never made journey's themselves, She was surprised when on her fourteenth birthday she was given an Eevee from her Mother. So after several weeks of carefully caring and training for Eevee, she was ready and She named her Poppi and immediately started her journey, before leaving she was given a bike for traveling around the world on.

Pokemon: Eevee

Name: Poppi

Gender: Female

Level: 7

Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Growl

Personality: Poppi is very smart and quick when it comes to a competition to show off. Poppi makes sounds whenever there's trouble or she just feels like it, she has the softest fur you could ever feel it is as soft as a baby rabbit. It takes a while for Poppi to learn new moves and practise but in the overall score it goes perfect. Poppi has a trait of a show off she would be showing off most of the time you see her.
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Rose Dwyer - Character Application
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