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 Consuming Ember (Training) (WIP)

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Consuming Ember (Training) (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Consuming Ember (Training) (WIP)   Consuming Ember (Training) (WIP) EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 5:26 pm

June quickly looked forward, staring into the meadow that stretched onto the horizon. Yang came closer to June, and murmured "Lit Lit". Hearing Yang, she immediately focused on the task at hand. The duo had to train, to prepare for their next gym battle. However, Yang would have to careful here at the meadows, when one single Ember can destroy the home of dozens. Which is exactly why they came here, for Yang to be able to suppress his power.

Yang quickly launched a fire-ball from his candle flame at the sky, and after a few seconds, the flames came down. Yang caught most of the flames on his candle flame, but some flames got onto the ground and started spreading. However, June was fully prepared for a situation like this. June had a few canteens of water prepared, and she swiftly doused water on the flames, stopping them. "Don't worry, only a little practice is needed" comforted June, while Yang silently nodded with determination. Yang felt a little frustrated, but he knew that little hard work could give positive outcome. June silently sighed and prepared to launch another one once more.

June stared warily at Yang, watching him, wondering if he could do it. June had to be cautious here, as
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Consuming Ember (Training) (WIP)
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